Orthodontists Agree There’s No Such Thing as Old-Fashioned Braces

Braces have been trusted as an effective method of improving oral health since the earliest days of modern dentistry. Each year, thousands of children and adults in Mt. Washington turn to local orthodontists in hopes of getting smiles that are straighter and more functional. Unfortunately, most are deterred by the idea of ‘old-fashioned’ braces. Guess what? There is simply no such thing as old-fashioned when it comes to braces or any other orthodontic procedure.

The field of orthodontics is changing at a faster rate than any other niche in dentistry. The techniques that are used for aligning the teeth, facilitating movement, protecting the health of the tooth roots, and promoting comfort are continuously being updated in order to provide dental patients with the best available choices21. Orthodontists are constantly striving to provide their patients with the fastest and most comfortable results while also protecting your safety and respecting your budget.

Orthodontic care is a far cry from what it once was: there are clear choices, short-term choices, metal-free options, and multi-phase options. We still rely in metal braces in order to achieve optimal results in some instances, but even these braces are too modern to be categorized as old-fashioned. Today’s metal braces are made from materials that have been developed and tested by NASA researchers. They are responsive to your body heat, they produce less friction, are more comfortable in the mouth, and are gentler on the teeth.

As our approach to orthodontic care changes, it is the patients who serve to benefit most from the improvements. We have seen excellent results when we implement more conservative strategies. That means that we can create the smiles that our patients desire without pulling as many teeth and without the use of headgear and other external appliances.

If you would like to have straighter teeth and you want to avoid ‘old-fashioned’ orthodontic methods, then you are in luck! There’s an orthodontist in Mt. Washington who agrees with you! To learn more about today’s modern orthodontic solutions, call to schedule a consultation today.