Keep Your General Dentist and Orthodontist in the Loop

If your general dentist doesn’t do braces, and you need to have your teeth straightened, then your dentist will likely refer you to an orthodontist in the Mt. Washington area for expert care. In most cases, the dentist will provide you with a referral card and advise you to contact the orthodontist to arrange your treatment.

Although you have been referred to an outside dental specialist, it doesn’t mean that your dentist doesn’t care about what happens next. In fact, your dentist needs to know all about the care that your orthodontist is providing in order to ensure that you continue to receive consistent dental care while you are having your teeth straightened.

It’s common for orthodontic treatment to require months or years of active care, and you’ll be advised to maintain your regularly scheduled dental checkups during that time. During this time, you will also see your orthodontist for adjustments and progress checks. To keep the lines of communication open between the dentist and the orthodontist, ask questions about the doctor’s findings at each visit and make note of any information that should be shared with the other party.

Gather the appropriate information by asking these questions:

  • If x-rays were taken: Will you be emailing those x-rays to the other dental office, or would you like me to take them?
  • If the doctor changes or recommends new treatment: Is there anything that you would like my orthodontist/dentist to do to help?
  • If your orthodontic treatment is almost complete: Should my dentist do any restorative treatment before my final retainer is made?
  • If the dentist recommends restorative treatment: Will this affect the fit or function of my retainer?
  • If additional specialists, such as oral surgeons or periodontists, are necessary, be sure to make notes of their complete names and treatment plans to share with the other doctors who are involved in your care.

In Mt. Washington, orthodontists and other dental professionals are trained to collaborate with one another in order to provide you with exceptional dental care. You can be the link to improving your own oral healthcare by facilitating the lines of communication. Get more information about the status of your dental care by calling to schedule an appointment today.