Jennings Orthodontics Answers a Question about Treatment Time

How Long Will I Have Braces?

This is one of the most common questions we receive at Jennings Orthodontics. It’s natural to want to plan ahead and know when you can expect the beautiful smile you want! The answer varies for every patient, depending on their specific needs and how well they care for their braces, but there are some general guidelines for how long it could take to get you started.

Phase One Treatment: Also called early treatment or interceptive orthodontic treatment, this is sometimes used to treat young patients (about ages 6-10) who have significant crowding, protrusion or bite/jaw issues that need to be corrected before all permanent teeth come in and traditional “braces” are applied. Phase One treatment can last about 12 to 24 months.

Traditional Braces: This includes Phase Two treatment for patients who underwent Phase One, as well as patients older than the age of 11 getting braces for the first time. These treatments typically last 12-24 months, but can sometimes take up to 36 months to be complete.

Adult Braces: There are many options out there now for adults who either want braces for the first time or who need to correct changes that have occurred since they had braces as a young adult. Many adults in business settings want their treatment to be as unnoticeable and quick as possible. Luckily, many of these treatments can be accomplished in 6-9 months.

Of course, all of these treatment times can be optimized by wearing all necessary equipment exactly as prescribed, keeping excellent oral health, and staying away from foods that can harm your braces. We want you to be braces-free with a beautiful smile as soon as possible, and it takes teamwork to get there. If you have any other questions or would like a specific estimate, call our offices today!