Invisalign Delivers Clear Benefits

Whether you need braces for the first time or you want to fine-tune some dental shifting that’s occurred following ortho treatment at a younger age, you’re in luck. Your options for treatment may have been limited in the past. Today, though, you’ve got choices. One option rises to the top with older teens and adults: Invisalign clear braces from Dr. Carrie Jennings Southworth at Jennings Orthodontics.

Let’s be Clear

Why do our Mt. Washington and Louisville patients rave about their Invisalign treatment? One reason is clear – literally! The BPA-free acrylic aligners are virtually invisible. This means that your braces won’t be the first thing others notice about you. Instead, they’ll see your smile getting better and better over time.

Speaking of time, treatment with Invisalign clear braces is typically quicker than with traditional orthodontics. While your individual treatment time will be based on your unique needs, lots of Invisalign patients complete treatment in about a year.

Another big advantage that Invisalign offers is the ability to remove the aligners. This flexibility lets you eat what you want with no diet restrictions and no worrying about food getting caught in brackets and wires. It’s also easy to keep your teeth clean during treatment. Just remove the aligners to brush and floss, then put them back in to continue straightening.

Keep Invisalign in Mind

Invisalign’s clear aligners fit snugly over teeth to correct a variety of issues. If you’ve got crowded teeth, spaces between teeth, crooked teeth, and/or a misaligned bite, then Invisalign clear braces can be a good choice to revitalize your smile. Advanced treatment planning gives you and Dr. Jennings the opportunity to plan your treatment from start to finish and focus on what’s important to you.

Call our Mt. Washington or Louisville office today to schedule your Invisalign clear braces consultation.