Get Your Summer Smile With Invisalign

It’s May, and that means Summer 2022 is about to be in full swing. This is the time of year for meeting up with friends, going on vacations, and taking pictures to look back on the wonderful memories you’re about to make for years to come. All that fun will surely leave you smiling — but what if you’re feeling self-conscious about your teeth? 

If you’re feeling insecure about how your smile looks, you aren’t alone. Every summer, patients rush to our office for orthodontic treatment to get that picture-perfect summer grin. They all want straight teeth by the time vacation starts, but many of them are concerned that traditional braces just aren’t selfie material. 

The perfect solution? Invisalign! Feelings of insecurity shouldn’t stop you from smiling this summer, and Jennings Orthodontics is here to make sure neither misaligned teeth nor bulky braces get in the way of your fun while you’re enjoying your vacation. 

Keep reading to learn more about how Invisalign will get you the smile results you deserve, all while you enjoy your summer vacation.

Benefits of Invisalign

There are so many benefits to Invisalign clear aligners from Jennings Orthodontics. Our Invisalign treatment plan helps you achieve a stunning smile without traditional braces using a series of clear aligner trays. These trays straighten your smile by shifting your teeth gradually over time. 

The best part is that Invisalign won’t hold you back by the same restrictions that most people complain about with traditional braces. Invisalign puts orthodontic treatment in your court so you can live your best life this summer.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Invisalign uses a system of clear aligner trays to help guide your teeth into their new positions over time. Because they are transparent, they are practically invisible to your friends and family — no one will even know you’re going through orthodontic treatment! 

If you’re looking for the perfect summer smile, what better way than with an invisible treatment plan? Straight teeth without the noticeable metal braces: best of both worlds, right?

Comfortable Design

Dr. Jennings knows that comfort is an essential part of treatment, especially when swimming and playing summer sports. Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign trays fit snuggly over your teeth with a smooth feel that won’t irritate your mouth.  Invisalign’s SmartTrack material is designed for comfortability. 

Invisalign clear aligners move with you, so you don’t have to live your life around your orthodontic treatment plan. They’re perfect for athletes and couch surfers alike — you can even sleep with them without disruption!


Traditional braces are semi-permanently attached to your teeth, which means you’ll be married to them for the duration of your treatment — no taking them off for a special occasion. The advantage of Invisalign clear aligners is that they are removable. This flexibility is excellent for several reasons: they are more hygienic overall, require zero dietary restrictions, and promote active lifestyles.

When it comes to brushing your teeth, traditional metal braces come with a learning curve. The nooks and crannies created by the brackets and wires give bacteria more places to hide while making it harder to clean your teeth. However, your removable Invisalign trays make it so that you can keep your regular oral hygiene routine, keeping your teeth healthier and cleaner overall. 

Because you can take out your Invisalign aligner trays, you can eat all the popcorn and sticky foods you want! You’ll take your trays out for every meal, so you don’t have to worry about restricting your diet to maintain your treatment plan. 

For those of you who live active lifestyles, Invisalign is the treatment plan for you. You can remove your trays during sports practice to reduce the possibility of injury — you can’t do that with braces!

Get Your Summer Smile With Invisalign

Who benefits from Invisalign?

People of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy the benefits of Invisalign clear aligners. Your treatment could even be as short as six months if you wear them as instructed by Dr. Jennings!

While each orthodontic treatment plan is different and must be custom-designed by the team at Jennings Orthodontics, Invisalign has the flexibility to work for a wide variety of orthodontic issues. 

Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign for Teens comes with all the same benefits as Invisalign for adults, but with the added bonus of two additional factors. When you opt for Invisalign as a teenager, Dr. Jennings applies special “compliance indicators” to your back teeth. These dots help change colors depending on how often you wear your trays, so our team can help hold teens accountable for treatment. 

Additionally, as teens’ jaws are still developing during treatment, Invisalign for Teens accounts for potential jaw growth. Teen treatment includes eruption tabs that hold space for molars to grow in. 

Invisalign for Adults

Did you know that nearly one in every five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18? Clear aligner trays are an excellent option for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. The transparency of these aligners puts them ahead of the orthodontic game because they are more aesthetically pleasing than traditional braces. 

Get Your Summer Smile With Invisalign

Visit Jennings Orthodontics For Your Summer Smile

At Jennings Orthodontics, we know that an investment in your smile is worth it because we’ve seen the results. You deserve to have a smile you’re happy with, especially while you’re on vacation! 

Schedule your free consultation today if you’re interested in getting Invisalign clear aligner trays this summer!