Adults Want Great Smiles, Too!

Orthodontic braces may seem like a rite of passage of kids and teens. Maybe you had braces when you were a kid, or your children are currently undergoing orthodontic treatment. But lots of adults opt for braces, too. If you’re ready to get the great smile you deserve, then we recommend you schedule a free consultation with Dr. Carrie Jennings Southworth at Jennings Orthodontics.

The Stats

While most ortho patients are kids and teen, studies tell us that during any given year, there are over a million adults receiving treatment, too. That number has increased over the years, perhaps spurred by the advances in ortho treatment.

The Reasons

The advantages of a great smile may cause some adults to seek treatment. In our image-conscious society, a beautiful smile can be a great asset. People want to look good, and fantastic-looking teeth can be a huge boon, both for aesthetics and confidence. Plus, ortho treatment has proven its ability to improve the look and the health of smiles. Adults with crooked or crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, or misalignment in the way top and bottom teeth fit together are often choosing to improve their smiles through ortho treatment.

Many adult otho patients didn’t have braces as kids (but needed them) or completed ortho treatment only to have teeth and dental alignment shift a bit over the years. Whatever the reason that you’re seeking treatment, Dr. Jennings can help.

The Choices

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way! Today, you’ve got choices, including traditional braces with metal brackets and wires; ceramic brackets that blend with natural tooth color; and low-profile, high-tech options that work quickly to correct ortho issues. Invisalign is also a popular choice among adults. Instead of brackets and wires, clear acrylic aligners gently move teeth into ideal positioning.

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Dr. Jennings offers complimentary consultations. Schedule one today at our Mt. Washington or Louisville location and discover how you can get a great smile through advanced orthodontic treatment.