10 Smart Questions for Your Orthodontist

If you are thinking about getting braces, you can do yourself a favor by making sure to do your homework early. While there may be lots of orthodontists in Mt. Washington and the surrounding areas, there may only be a few that are truly right for you. The best way to sort through the list and find the orthodontic team that is best suited for your needs is to ask the right questions during your initial consultation.

These 10 questions are sure to provide you with great information and help you to form a lasting partnership with your ideal orthodontist:

  1. Does the orthodontist offer worry-free treatment?
  2. Is the team friendly and inviting?
  3. Are same-day appointments available?
  4. Can the braces be placed on the teeth in one day?
  5. Does your treatment estimate include a retainer?
  6. Does the office accept your dental insurance?
  7. Is the consultation complimentary?
  8. Does the orthodontist offer advanced or alternative treatment solutions?
  9. Can the number of follow-up appointments be minimized?
  10. Does the office offer flexible payment options?

These questions are a great way to open up the lines of communication with your prospective orthodontist as well as the rest of the orthodontic team. True dental professionals enjoy educating and troubleshooting with their patients, whether the discussion is part of the initial consultation or a second opinion. Getting the answers will take some of the mystery out of the orthodontic process, and you’ll reduce the risk of an unwanted surprise along the way.

Orthodontic treatment is not an exact science, so the treatment methods and length of treatment can often change during the process. However, good communication right from the start is the key to a successful partnership and a great smile. Contact an orthodontist in Mt. Washington today to schedule your consultation.